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‘Tis the season to be giving December 9, 2013

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The countdown to the holiday season has begun and everyone is joyous and planning their year-end breakaways with their loved ones. Let us a spare a thought for those not so fortunate this holiday season.

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All orders must be placed by this Friday, 13th December 2013.

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Smooth summer November 8, 2013

Summer sure is in a hurry to reach us this year. ūüôā If you’re ready to shed the layers and show off smooth and supple skin, experiment with these body scrub recipes.

You might want to make smaller quantities of several variants to envelop yourself in the fragrance that suits your mood better at any given time. These scrubs may also be added to your bath water for a relaxing soak.



1 Cup of salt (himalayan crystal salt, sea salt, sugar) 

NB: 1 and a half to 2 cups of Epsom salt, if you prefer it to any of the above recommended

1/2 Cup carrier oil such as almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Rosehip oil, Avocado oil.

10 drops of essential oil of your choice.

Essential oil guide:


Lavender, Rose, Patchouli, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Neroli


Jasmine, Rosemary, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orange, Cypress

Relieve depression:

Ylang ylang, Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Bergamot, Grapefruit

Treat fatigue:

Lemon, Ginger, Grapefruit, Basil, Peppermint, Rosemary


Ylang ylang, Rose, Lavender, Frankincense, Neroli, Bergamot

Kindly note that certain essential oils are not safe to use during pregnancy, so do check with an aromatherapist before hand. Lavender, Tea Tree and Bergamot is generally safe. 

Meanwhile, have a look at the following link if you are pregnant or trying to conceive:

Combine carrier oil with the selected salt or sugar with a wooden spoon. It should be moist and hold together well. Adjust the ingredients to achieve that result.

Add the essential oil and mix well. You may add some dried petals or a wee bit of food colouring.

Simply half all of the ingredients if you wish to make several different variants at once.

Store it in a glass container with a good lid.

Gently massage on to damp skin.


Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes in the following bath:

1- 2 Cups Milk

5 – 10 Cups warm water

One teaspoon of the following scrub to massage each foot:

1 cup himalayan crystal or sea salt

1 cup Epsom salt

10 drops Peppermint essential oil

10 drops Tea Tree oil

Soak for another 5 minutes and follow up with one of our Dr. Hauschka foot treatment balms.

Our selection of body creams and butters to beautifully compliment these scrubs can be viewed at the following link:

These body scrubs make for wonderful gifts during this holiday season. 

PS: Strictly for body use. If your skin is extra-sensitive, opt for a sugar based scrub.

The carrier oils are great as a facial massage oil. Sweet Almond is ideal for normal to dry skin whereas Grapeseed oil is suitable for oilier skin conditions. I massage it on to my skin lightly before wiping off make-up with a wet cotton ball. Thereafter I follow up with my Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Milk and spray Facial toner over my face and decollete.

TIP: Use the body scrub on areas before shaving. Gently rub the area with the product, rinse off and shave without applying anything else such as shaving cream. It makes shaving a breeze and leaves the skin feeling soft. Apply coconut oil immediately afterwards.

To a glowing summer!

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Glow this summer! November 4, 2013

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New Glomineral product launches to have you looking and feeling cool and radiant this summer.

Glominerals New Products 1a

Glominerals New Products 2

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gift season! yay!…not?

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Let us help you take the stress out of gift ideas this holiday season.
Limited quantities available.
Please note that all orders must be placed by the 15th of December 2013

Sparitual Summer collection Reflect

Sparitual Holiday collection Illuminate

Sparitual 4 States of Slow kits

Sparitual Splendid Summer Kit and Important Notice


Glow from within April 30, 2013

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As the weather is becoming cooler our skin tends to feel more sensitive and dry. As we all know, a dehydrated skin is a very unhappy skin. First we notice the tight sensation and perhaps even some peeling and flakiness. Next we start seeing fine lines, especially around the eyes, mouth and across the forehead. What are we to do then?

Prevention is always better than cure, so we should focus on combating this condition.

I have deliberately chosen the word “condition” because dehydrated skin is a temporary skin condition brought on by several factors opposed to say someone who has a dry skin type.

Any skin type can become dehydrated. You might be surprised to hear this, but an oily skin is more often than not dehydrated. The sebum glands go in to over-drive and produces even more oil as we attempt to use products to dry up the oil. That is our biggest mistake. We should aim at calming the skin so that it learns to rebalance itself.

When skin is dehydrated it lacks moisture, so to remedy this skin condition we should take a more comprehensive approach by not only adding moisture to the skin but by protecting our skin from external aggressors too.

Several factors reduce hydration in the skin.

Natural aging is one of the main causes of dehydration of the skin. Declining hormones can result in the loss of collagen and elasticity which causes skin thinning.

Lifestyle choices such as the consumption of alcohol, coffee and smoking places oxidative stress on the skin which makes it more prone to dehydration and wrinkles.

Environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure, cold air and windy conditions also result in loss of moisture. Taking long hot showers and baths also contributes to dehydrated skin as it draws moisture out of the skin. Being in air-conditioned rooms also depletes the skin of moisture.

Incorrect and aggressive cleansing methods can disrupt the protective mantle barrier of the skin and increase the chances of your skin becoming dehydrated. Avoid using manual and chemical exfoliants on any skin type. 

It is important to identify the reasons and causes of a dehydrated skin condition as it will enable you to take the appropriate corrective measures.



The best way to ensure hydrated skin is to look at what we consume.

Increasing your water intake to about 6 – 8 glasses a day will not literally plump up your skin, but it supports our internal organs and enables it to function optimally. Water is a calorie-free drink! That should more than enough reason for us to opt for a bottle of water than other drinks. Your skin is the window to your health. A healthy body will almost always guarantee a healthy and glowing skin.

Fruits and vegetables contain a variety of minerals and vitamins and of course anti-oxidants and fluids that aids hydration.

Avoid foods that are high in sodium as it naturally draws water from the body. 

Use a humidifier if you work or live in an air-conditioned area or place a bowl of water in your bedroom at night.

The most obvious remedy of course would be a topical treatment. Applying a water-based moisturiser in the morning will boost hydration. Using moisturising and nourishing masks will give the skin an extra shot of intensive moisture when needed or as part of your weekly routine to maintain supple skin. 

Avoid applying lotions and creams to the skin at night as at that crucial time the skin is regenerating itself. The last thing it needs is to be exhausted by shifting creams around when it should focus on natural repair.

The skin is a living organ and has the ability to regenerate itself. We should work with that natural process and not against it.

For a happy skin, keep it moisturised internally as you would externally. Be sure to get about 8 hours of sleep at night and invest in a good Vitamin C supplement and consume sufficient Omega fatty acids. Your skin will thank you. 


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Proudly introducing Dr. Hauschka leading natural and organic products. October 1, 2011

We are proudly introducing one of the leading natural and organic skin care brands not only in the green world, but also beauty industry  today.

Dr. Hauschka and Dr. Hauschka Med

Nature’s treasures transformed for you.

Background history and philosophy of Dr. Hauschka skin care range

Dr. Hauschka skin care range has been around for more than 41 years. These preparations are based on organically and bio-dynamically grown plant ingredients.

Bio-dynamic farming is a holistic system of farming whereby the earth is regarded as a living organism. It’s a method that supports the renewal of the soil. Composting is fundamental and therapeutic preparations such as pressed flower juices are added to the soil to promote healthy and vital plant growth.

The centre aim is to increase the life force of the plants.

Dr. Hauschka is produced by using plant extracts, is free of synthetic preservatives, colours, artificial fragrances and is completely natural in the complete sense of the word.


What is the secret of Dr. Hauschka skin care?

The Dr. Hauschka face care brings together all that is best in nature. The finest natural ingredients, selected medicinal herbs, a unique treatment concept and a core idea that shapes its cosmetic and skin care approach.

The skin possesses the power to nurture and regenerate itself. Internal and outer factors leave traces on our skin and disrupt its healthy rhythms.

The main principle of the Dr. Hauschka skin care range is to teach the skin to work for itself and harmonise and restore natural rhythm.

It is the only skin care range in the world that sends information to the skin so that the skin works correctly.

It achieves this by working with the skin’s functions and not on the skin. We do not want to manipulate the skin as this often only produces short-term relief and create a long-term problem and dependency.

Together with the less is more principle and a thorough understanding and respect of the skin’s functions, these preparations and the specific application methods aim at normalising any given skin condition by challenging itself and re-establish the balance. ¬†

Dr. Hauschka skin care products help maximise these powers and this is what makes Dr. Hauschka skin care unique.


The uniqueness of Dr. Hauschka skin care.

The finely tuned Dr. Hauschka range stimulates the skin’s own activity, strengthens its intrinsic, healthy rhythms and protects against external influences.

Kidney vetch (Anthyllis vulneraria) and the Rose (Rosa damascena) are at the heart of every formulation in the Dr. Hauschka skin care range.

Kidney vetch supports the skin’s natural rhythm.

The Rose lends Dr. Hauschka skin care products their harmonising powers.

Plant extracts, mineral substances, nurturing oils and waxes together with natural essential oils form the base for this high-quality natural skin care range.

Experience the pleasant and beneficial effects of this natural care on your skin – all day long.

NATRUE LOGO                BDIH LOGO

All Dr. Hauschka products contain selected natural substances and medicinal herbs from bio-dynamic and certified organic cultivation. All are BDIH and/or Natrue certified.

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Loving the green life. January 2, 2011

A Spot of Sun on a Forest Walk

It has been widely acknowledged that a great percentage of what we apply to our skin is absorbed by it and finds it’s way in to our blood stream. This fact is clearly illustrated in the use of contraceptive, weight loss and nicotine patches.

In the very least these chemicals accumulates in the layers of the skin and can cause a variety of adverse reactions.
The result of using chemically laden products may not be immediately noticeable but with repeated use and over a period of time these toxic chemicals disrupts our body chemistry causing infertility, birth defects, cancer, skin diseases, allergies and general disharmony in the natural function of the human body.
These synthetic chemicals have a negative effect on the quality of our lives. 
Chemicals used to manufacture personal care products and it’s by-products are also harmful to nature and our ecosystems.
By choosing natural and organic products we are protecting our health as well as sustaining our environment.

Welcome to Earth Born Beauty – The Way You Are

You can rest assured that all products offered to you on our site are natural, non-toxic, holistic, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, certified organic beauty care.
It doesn’t end there. If the packaging is not reusable, recyclable, and bio-degradable, it will not be for sale at Earth Born Beauty.

Considering that a description of our services is available on our ABOUT page, I thought of doing things a little differently with our first post. I do not wish to rave about the wonderful products we promote, and they ARE absolutely awesome, but instead share with you an interesting tale I read a few weeks ago in Odyssey magazine.

A merchant sent his son to learn the Secret of Happiness from the wisest of men. The boy travelled around for many weeks until he finally found a beautiful castle nestled on top of a mountain. There lived the wise man he had been searching for, for 40 days. The boy was quite surprised to find that this man looked nothing like he had imagined. A holy man, without the normal physical markers we have perhaps learnt to expect from such a person.

The wise man entered the room with crowds of people in his midst and conversed with everyone. There was a lovely orchestra playing in the background and delicacies from all over the world were available for everyone to indulge in.

The boy had to wait two hours for an opportunity to speak with the wise man. Once the time arrived he explained to the wise man the reason for his visit.

The wise man handed the boy a spoon filled with two drops of oil and advised the boy to stroll around the palace for two hours without spilling the oil. The boy did as he was told and as he walked about he did not remove his gaze from the spoon for a split second.

On return the wise man asked him if had seen the beautiful Persian tapestries in the dining room. He asked if he noticed the wonderful garden that the Master of Gardeners spent 10 years to create and the parchments in the library. Of course the boy had not seen any of it as he was too occupied with keeping the oil from spilling.

The wise man suggested he go back to his walk, but this time ensuring that he enjoy the beauty and wonders of the palace. “You can’t trust a man if you don’t know his house.” the wise man added.

Feeling much relaxed the boy went on his tour of the palace once more. He took in all of the beauty and splendour the palace and it’s surrounds had to offer. He could not believe that he had walked these very same paths earlier and hardly noticed any of it. The perfect harmony and placement of every single art form and general interior of the palace left him astounded.

On returning he excitedly reported on everything he had come across on his tour. “But where is the two drops of oil I had entrusted you with?” asked the wise man.

Shocked that he had completely forgotten about the spoon, the boy looked at the spoon and noticed that he had spilled all of it.

“Don’t worry,” said the wise man. “You came here in quest of some advise and all I have to tell you is this: the secret of happiness lies in looking at all the marvels of the world and never forgetting the two drops of oil in the spoon.”

Hope you enjoyed this inspiring story.

Loving the green life.