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‘Tis the season to be giving December 9, 2013

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The countdown to the holiday season has begun and everyone is joyous and planning their year-end breakaways with their loved ones. Let us a spare a thought for those not so fortunate this holiday season.

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All orders must be placed by this Friday, 13th December 2013.

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Smooth summer November 8, 2013

Summer sure is in a hurry to reach us this year. 🙂 If you’re ready to shed the layers and show off smooth and supple skin, experiment with these body scrub recipes.

You might want to make smaller quantities of several variants to envelop yourself in the fragrance that suits your mood better at any given time. These scrubs may also be added to your bath water for a relaxing soak.



1 Cup of salt (himalayan crystal salt, sea salt, sugar) 

NB: 1 and a half to 2 cups of Epsom salt, if you prefer it to any of the above recommended

1/2 Cup carrier oil such as almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Rosehip oil, Avocado oil.

10 drops of essential oil of your choice.

Essential oil guide:


Lavender, Rose, Patchouli, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Neroli


Jasmine, Rosemary, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orange, Cypress

Relieve depression:

Ylang ylang, Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Bergamot, Grapefruit

Treat fatigue:

Lemon, Ginger, Grapefruit, Basil, Peppermint, Rosemary


Ylang ylang, Rose, Lavender, Frankincense, Neroli, Bergamot

Kindly note that certain essential oils are not safe to use during pregnancy, so do check with an aromatherapist before hand. Lavender, Tea Tree and Bergamot is generally safe. 

Meanwhile, have a look at the following link if you are pregnant or trying to conceive:

Combine carrier oil with the selected salt or sugar with a wooden spoon. It should be moist and hold together well. Adjust the ingredients to achieve that result.

Add the essential oil and mix well. You may add some dried petals or a wee bit of food colouring.

Simply half all of the ingredients if you wish to make several different variants at once.

Store it in a glass container with a good lid.

Gently massage on to damp skin.


Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes in the following bath:

1- 2 Cups Milk

5 – 10 Cups warm water

One teaspoon of the following scrub to massage each foot:

1 cup himalayan crystal or sea salt

1 cup Epsom salt

10 drops Peppermint essential oil

10 drops Tea Tree oil

Soak for another 5 minutes and follow up with one of our Dr. Hauschka foot treatment balms.

Our selection of body creams and butters to beautifully compliment these scrubs can be viewed at the following link:

These body scrubs make for wonderful gifts during this holiday season. 

PS: Strictly for body use. If your skin is extra-sensitive, opt for a sugar based scrub.

The carrier oils are great as a facial massage oil. Sweet Almond is ideal for normal to dry skin whereas Grapeseed oil is suitable for oilier skin conditions. I massage it on to my skin lightly before wiping off make-up with a wet cotton ball. Thereafter I follow up with my Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Milk and spray Facial toner over my face and decollete.

TIP: Use the body scrub on areas before shaving. Gently rub the area with the product, rinse off and shave without applying anything else such as shaving cream. It makes shaving a breeze and leaves the skin feeling soft. Apply coconut oil immediately afterwards.

To a glowing summer!

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Glow this summer! November 4, 2013

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New Glomineral product launches to have you looking and feeling cool and radiant this summer.

Glominerals New Products 1a

Glominerals New Products 2

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Keep calm and try the new spring collection. August 27, 2013

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7 facts that will change the way you look at your skin care. December 14, 2011

Beautiful skin isn’t always healthy—however healthy skin is always beautiful.

That’s just one of the facts we stand by at Dr.Hauschka Skin Care. You’ll find that our approach to health and beauty is quite different from other skin care lines, and you may well be surprised by some of the facts you discover.eautiful skin isn’t always healthy—however healthy skin is always beautiful.

That’s just one of the facts we stand by at Dr.Hauschka Skin Care. You’ll find that our approach to health and beauty is quite different from other skin care lines, and you may well be surprised by some of the facts you discover.

Skip the night cream; your skin will thank you.

Why Dr.Hauschka doesn’t recommend night creams:

  1. While you sleep your skin is actually hard at work regenerating itself, balancing oil production and expelling impurities.
  2. Regular application of night creams interferes with these essential tasks, and over time skin becomes less able to care for itself. Use of nighttime moisturizers signals the sebaceous glands to cut down on moisture production, resulting in even drier skin. Over time, skin becomes dependent on moisturizing products just to appear “normal.”

What Dr.Hauschka recommends:

Rhythmic Night Conditioner

  1. A Dr.Hauschka regimen allows the skin to carry on its important night work. Balanced skin needs nothing more than cleansing and toning before bed.
  2. Rhythmic Night Conditioner is a water-based formula infused with rose essential oil and rhythmitised dilutions of dynamic plant extracts that supports renewal and balances oil production. Use it for 28 days, mirroring and supporting the skin’s natural cycle of regeneration to encourage a return to an even, radiant, balanced complexion.

Like treats like.

Normalizing Day Oil

Why Dr.Hauschka recommends Normalizing Day Oil for oily and acne-prone skin:

  1. Though it might seem counterintuitive to apply oil to an oily complexion, it’s actually the most logical solution.. The skin knows whether it’s sufficiently protected, producing more of its own oil when skin is dry and less when it’s balanced.
  2. Drying, soap-based products and oil-free acne treatments can rob the skin of its defenses, leaving it vulnerable and triggering the sebaceous glands to produce even more oil.
  3. Normalizing Day Oil provides a light, clean layer of pure plant oils and botanical extracts that balance excessive oiliness while helping to soothe and minimize the appearance of blemishes and irritation.

Why Dr.Hauschka recommends a light moisturizer for dry skin:

  1. If we treat dry skin with rich, heavy creams or oils we effectively trick our skin into believing it’s been producing too much of its own oil. In response it will decrease production, perpetuating the dry skin cycle.

Moisturizing Day Cream is light enough to support balanced oil production, but it also provides enough nurturing moisture to avoid dry skin. Over time, the skin will maintain its natural balance and be better able to fend for itself.

Stop scrubbing—your skin is not the bathroom floor.

What cleansing should—and shouldn’t—accomplish:

Clarifying Toner

  1. Cleansing is the foundation of Dr.Hauschka Skin Care. And the reason is simple: it is common knowledge that dirt and impurities can cause breakouts and clog pores.
  2. Not so commonly understood is how easy it is to damage your skin by over-cleansing, scrubbing, or using harsh drying or exfoliating products. Soaps, scrubs and harsh exfoliants can strip your face of its natural protection, resulting in dry, irritated skin and premature signs of aging.
  3. Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream using our signature “Press and Roll” method gently exfoliates, removing excess dirt, oil and makeup without disturbing the skin’s natural line of defense—the balance of oil and water on its surface layer known as the acid mantle.
  4. The activity of pressing and rolling encourages the lymph system’s cleansing functions , resulting in a clear, radiant complexion.

Ingredients matter...and quality ingredients matter most.

The highest quality ingredients make for the most effective products available.

Ingredients matter...and quality ingredients matter most.

  1. Every ingredient that goes into a Dr.Hauschka Skin Care preparation has an important job to do. Whether delivering essential moisture, encouraging resilience, improving efficacy or adding natural, aroma fragrance, each ingredient is carefully selected for its particular effects and its interaction with the whole composition.
  2. Hauschka manufacturer WALA Heilmittel has been studying and working with nurturing plant and mineral extracts since 1935. Over the decades they’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the way certain plants mirror specific skin functions and the manner in which each plant interacts with the skin to stimulate and support a toned, balanced and radiant complexion.
  3. We rely exclusively on healthy, ecologically and socially responsible sources for our ingredients. WALA Heilmittel supports sustainable, ecologically sound agricultural practices by obtaining as many of their ingredients as possible from certified Biodynamic and organic sources. Burkina Faso, Africa, WALA helped local women establish sustainable agriculture cooperatives to produce shea butter. Those cooperatives now provide all the certified organic shea butter WALA needs to manufacture its Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products.
  4. WALA owns and operates its own Biodynamic garden and farm, which provides a number of the ingredients used in its homeopathic remedies and the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care line. The vast majority of ingredients in the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care line are from Biodynamic and organic sources, and not a single ingredient comes from an organization involved in animal testing.
  5. Our natural botanical preservatives help keep products fresh without the use of chemical additives. In this way, we’re able to maintain the vitality of our Biodynamic and organic plant ingredients, delivering their nurturing, supportive qualities directly to you.
  6. Dr.Hauschka Skin Care has been 100% natural for over 40 years. Throughout 2011, Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products will begin displaying the mark of NATRUE certification, a new, international standard for natural and organic skin care.
    • NATRUE certification ensures that a product has met the strongest criteria available for natural ingredients in cosmetics, as verified by an independent certifier.
    • NATRUE is a non-profit, international association founded by the pioneers of natural and organic cosmetics.

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care manufacturer WALA Heilmittel is proud to recognize the NATRUE seal as a major advancement in establishing a natural and organic cosmetic certification that is internationally recognized, transparent and whose criteria is readily available to consumers worldwide.

In addition, All Dr.Hauschka Skin Care preparations are certified natural by the BDIH, an association of German product manufacturers whose “Guidelines for Natural Cosmetics” are amongst the most selective available. Following comprehensive independent testing and verification, BDIH certification is awarded exclusively to products that are free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colors, dyes and petroleum derived synthetics.

Your Skin is Smart.

How your skin is smart:

Your Skin is Smart.

  1. Your skin has an absolutely amazing ability to care for itself, responding constantly to changes in your internal and external environments. It needs a little help along the way, like protection from overexposure to harsh elements, or support when it gets thrown out of balance.
  2. The key is to encourage and strengthen your skin’s natural processes.

How Dr.Hauschka Skin Care is different from other skin care lines:

  1. Unlike many other skin care lines that suppress the skin’s functions or interfere with the skin’s natural rhythms, Dr.Hauschka Skin Care respects the skin, allowing it to cleanse, balance and renew itself.
  2. Dr.Hauschka Skin Care draws on centuries of herbal wisdom, combining traditional approaches with modern science and technology to create gentle-yet-effective natural skin care products that work with the skin holistically to help it achieve a natural, self-sufficient state.
  3. Dr. Hauschka knows that your skin is smart, and respects its ability to regulate, protect and renew itself with the proper care. The Dr.Hauschka approach to skin care results in the undeniable glow of true and lasting beauty.

Not All Facials Are Created Equal.

Not All Facials Are Created Equal.

How a Dr.Hauschka Skin Care facial is different from other facials:

  1. The key to our facials lies in balance and rhythm—and Dr.Hauschka signature face and body treatments are designed to support both.
  2. Dr.Hauschka estheticians use rhythmic, caring touch to guide you to balance and serenity, supporting skin health by calming the mind and by stimulating lymph flow to promote its self-cleansing processes.

Combining the select botanical blends of Dr.Hauschka Skin Care preparations and the power of touch, Dr.Hauschka estheticians are able to support the skin’s natural processes of self-cleansing and renewal to bring forth your own inherent radiant beauty.

Rhythm is the Key to Health and Vibrancy.

Rhythm is the Key to Health and Vibrancy.

What does rhythm have to do with skin care?

All of life—all of nature—has rhythm. You experience it in the change of seasons, you see it in the changing tides of the oceans, you observe it in a flower that comes to bloom in the spring. We, as people, also have natural rhythms that keep us functioning. It’s the regular beating of our hearts, it’s the flow of blood through our veins—and it’s in the 28-day cycle of skin renewal.

When rhythm is followed and nurtured, plants, animals and humans can live in healthy, natural balance.

Dr. Rudolph Hauschka recognized the power of rhythm, and envisioned a way to use nature’s rhythms to capture the vital life forces of plants without the use of alcohol or artificial preservatives. This “rhythmical process” became the basis first for WALA’s remedies—and later for Dr.Hauschka Skin Care.

Our products are instilled with ingredients that possess the vitality they had in nature, maintaining the integrity of the plants and making our products uniquely effective.

Elisabeth Sigmund, pioneering esthetician and co-founder of the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care brand, recognized the importance of our skin’s natural rhythms.

  • She recognized the 28-day cycle of renewal by which the skin was constantly recreating and balancing itself, and saw the connection between this rhythm and the rhythmic cycles of the moon
  • Her unique skin care methods involved rhythmic touch to stimulate the skin and support vitality, radiance and balance
  • Her signature Dr. Hauschka “press and roll” cleansing method is a rhythmical regimen that works with the properties of the Cleansing Cream to support skin health by gently removing dirt and oil while stimulating the skin, all without compromising the skin’s protective layer
  • Together with Dr. Hauschka, she developed preparations to support the natural, rhythmic functions of the skin

Healthy rhythms create a state of balance, encouraging a return to skin health and bringing forth a radiant beauty. Rhythm is at the heart of our work at Dr.Hauschka Skin Care. From our Biodynamic growing and harvesting methods to our unique processing techniques, product formulation and signature treatments, rhythm remains the key.

Discover Dr. Hauschka at our kiosk at 210 on Long Mall, Cape Town or visit our website at

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Simply life November 29, 2011

This afternoon I had someone ask me: “So WHAT do you do?”  This person was no stranger. He knows very well that I promote natural cosmetics and skin care. He is familiar with some of my company’s slogans too.  The simplest one is: The Way You Are. The less-shorter one is: We promote health and beauty products for the enlightened and eco-conscious consumer. One of the more detailed ones are: We at Earth Born Beauty pride ourselves in the excellence of quality of the natural, certified organic and cruelty-free beauty care products we market.

I were a little surprised at his question but also pleased.

Very simply, I am passionate about not only preserving good health and beauty, but also our planet.  I am passionate about educating and informing myself and others who choose not to live selfish lives. Those who understand that to enable future generations to survive and flourish, we need to protect and preserve our planet today.

I am passionate about truth.  It is important for cosmetic manufacturers to be honest about their product ingredients and also how it is attained and how it affects not only the consumers but our environment. are one of the few companies who do what they mean and mean what they do.

WE BELIEVE IN THE TRUTH OF NATURE AND THE NATURE OF TRUTH. These words stir up something within me that is almost impossible for me to express in words myself!

These words are my very passion!



Dr. Hauschka Skin Care bears the seal.


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Is your skin summer-ready? November 28, 2011

Do you dream of  flawless skin that not only looks perfectly natural and luminous but feels as light as a feather?

Give our Loose Base a try. You won’t be disappointed with the results! POWDER BRUSH

Our Loose Base offers a medium to full coverage without feeling like a ton. It has a deeper pigment than our other powder foundations. The result is an opague coverage with a touch of luminence that gives your skin a beautiful natural glow.

It is ideal for daywear and evening application and definitely a must have in your beach bag.

The minerals are triple milled and lays smooth on the skin. It offers natural sun protection and contains our unique blend of anti-oxidants and green tea extract for protected and comforted skin.

Our Oil-free Camouflage offers a rich pigment to perfectly cover any dark spots, blemishes,  hyper-pigmentation, scarring and illuminate the eye area.


Visit our kiosk at 210 on Long for a free consultation. Our entrance is in Bloem street next to the Mexican Kitchen. Your shade options are usually limited when selecting a mineral foundation. I know about that as I have always had to mix two different shades of foundation to match my skin tone, even before mineral foundations became popular.  Glominerals is probably the only product range that saved me money and time!. We have the perfect shade for every skin tone under the sun.

If you’re a member of our facebook fan page,  you instantly qualify for a 10% discount between the 1st and 7th December 2011.

Find us on Facebook at

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