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Trying to find a safe and effective solution to managing Rosacea? March 30, 2012

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By Caro Copeland

I recently attended a lecture by one of the Dermatologists in Germany and would like to share his view point on the subject. Rosacea – one of the most misunderstood illnesses of the body. It is conventionally treated by dermatologists as a skin ilnness when it is not!

About Rosacea
This is an illness that manifests in the face. It is estimated that between 2% and 5% of the population suffer from this illness. Rosacea has a severe damaging cosmetic effect on the skin. Women and men suffer from this illness – in men it is more severe and intense. It affects the nose of the male sufferers only. Symptoms can get worse if the body is not treated holistically. The best results recorded are when a person with this illness seeks medical help of a Homeopath and or Anthroposophical Doctor. “Their understanding of this illness is excellent” in his opinion.

Symptoms that are similar to acne:

Appearance is in the face
Sebaceous flows to the outside
Papules and pustules in the final stage, phase 3.

Interesting points about Rosacea

There are no blackheads with Rosacea.
Rosacea does not leave scars like Acne.
It appears between the ages of 40 and 50.
There are 3 phases of Rosacea.

Phase 1
Deep flusging, reddening of the face, widening of the blood vessels.
Reddening of the skin in the middle of the face spreading onto cheeks slightly.
Blood appears to be pressing upwards out of the face.
Physical sensations: burning, biting, stinging.

Phase 2
Pimples, spots, pustules appear.
Located in the middle of the face, nose (males only) and cheeks.

Phase 3
Symptoms progress towards the forehead and chin.
It spreads to the side of the cheeks.
Intensifying: Inflammation increases, horny plugs and cornified plugs develop.
Large areas are affected,
The metabolism in the skin changes and the connective tissue grows in the skin as a result of the skin swelling with more tissue.
Nose enlarges (in men only).

What is the cause of Rosacea?
The cause is invisible – it is inside the body. The area of the body that is affected is below the diaphragm. The stomach and liver are usually the problem areas.

Using an holistic explanation: “the fire element from the liver and/or stomach has gone to the face and it needs to be returned to the organ(s) it has left.”

How Dr. Hauschka can support Rosacea sufferers:
Dr. Hauschka has an Anthroposophical background, so the results speak for themselves.

Recommended products:
1. Cleansing Milk used morning and evening for extremely sensitive skin.
2. 2. Cleansing Cream used morning and evening for less sensitive skin – this cleanser stimulates the cleaning forces in the skin.
3. Rhythmic Night Conditioner Sensitive Ampoules or the Intensive Treatment 03 generally recommended for hyper sensitive skin conditions – used morning and evening.
4. Rose Day Cream or Rose Day Cream Light as a day cream.

Dr. Hauschka body products recommended to assist in the treatment of Rosacea:

Sage Bath: Used as a daily foot bath. This product helps to balance the warmth processes in the body which are too concentrated in the face.

Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner: Apply to the abdomen, lower back, hips and thighs to warm these parts of the body. This product also helps to balance the warmth processes in the body which are too concentrated in the face.

As the condition improves one should consult with a Dr. Hauschka Esthetician.

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